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New Book by Two Ordinary Business Builders With Multiple
Eight Figures Tied to Their Names in Reported Client  Revenue
Wealth Secrets:
“The 3-Step Wealth-Building Process We’ve Used to
Create “Buffett-Eclipsing” Returns and Lasting Abundance for 3,518 Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers”
By Chris Evans and Taylor Welch
Claim One of Only 500 Physical Copies Now!
New Book by Two Ordinary Business Builders With Multiple
Eight Figures Tied to Their Names in Reported Client Revenue
Wealth Secrets:
“The 3-Step Wealth-Building Process We’ve Used to
Create “Buffett-Eclipsing” Returns and Lasting Abundance
for 3,518 Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers”
By Chris Evans and Taylor Welch
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From the legal pad and pen of Taylor Welch
Nashville, TN
Dear Business Builder,

If you’re like me, you admire and respect Mr. Buffett. He is worth $82 billion, after all..

You respect wealth, and the people who have generated tremendous wealth are worthy of at least a bit of respect.

But in this letter I want to do something I have never done publicly before. I want to teach you how to kick Mr Buffett’s old, rich, white ass.

Today, I want to summarize for you in the clearest possible way how people are capitalizing on the materials inside my new book to grow our 3 building blocks of great wealth:
  • INCOME: the money you create...
  • ASSETS: the money your money creates for you…
  • TIME: the control you have over the life you live, and the people you serve…
A QUICK CAVEAT: you’re probably wondering, “how the hell am I going to beat a man worth 82 billion dollars?” I assure you, I’m not on LSD right now… and what I’m saying is accurate.

Here’s the catch:

In the last 80,000 years that Warren has been investing into the markets… (just kidding, more like 80 years) - he has averaged a return of 20.8%.

Our clients (who I’ll introduce you to in just a few seconds) report record-breaking returns in their businesses — 7,200%; 810%; 4000%; it varies — the key is implementing consistently and diligently.

What you will find in this letter, and in our new book, are the exact wealth-building philosophies, principles, beliefs, habits, strategies that 3,518 of our actual clients have already used to create cash-flush businesses and long-term wealth for themselves and the people they love.
3,518 Clients Have Become Wealthy in All Areas of Their Lives With The Principles Taken From This Book...
Can I Show You How I Went From
Overwhelmed, Six-Figure Work Horse...
To Multi-Seven-Figure Business Builder,
In Four Years?
I got into business for a woman (go figure).

My wife ran a hair salon and needed clients. I hated my job so I did the obvious thing and made her business my guinea pig.

During the next 6 months I went on a binge that I can only describe as addictive. I disconnected from everything and everyone. I read book after book about “copywriting” and “marketing” and “advertising” and paid $5,000 to two separate mentors to move things along.

Then just as I finally hit six figures… I CRASHED.

Almost overnight, I was thrown into a pit where I felt like a prisoner inside my business.
  • I had no control over my time
  • ​I had terrible clients who just wanted a quick, cheap fix
  • ​I almost never saw my family because I worked 18 hours per day
  • ​And when I did see them, I was so stressed and burnt out that our time together was tense and unenjoyable
  • Also my income was unstable
  • ​I didn’t know how much money I’d have in my bank account, even 30 days out
  • ​My pipeline was dry.
  • ​But I couldn’t take on new clients even if I wanted to -- because my “cheap-fix” clients wanted 40-hour weeks from me (each)
NOT the ideal life of an entrepreneur…

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know when you get caught in that downward spiral... it’s HARD to get out.

That’s why many of us get stuck there for years, pounding our head into the pavement trying to convince ourselves not to give up…

Which is exactly why I want to show YOU how I got out, right away.
Within Four Months of Discovering Our 3 Secrets to Great Wealth, My Business Partner Chris and I Hit $127,000 in One Month
Then $300K, then $500K. Then last month... $802K.

All in a four-year timespan.

More important than the insane profitability, the control over our time, and the fulfillment of building something with our own hands...
We Get to Transfer Our Knowledge to Our Clients!
The secrets I’m about to spell out in this letter have transformed the lives of thousands for the better. Just look at the testimonials above!

Here’s what we figured out:

It’s impossible to have a healthy life without a healthy business
. And impossible to have a healthy business without a healthy life.

For an entrepreneur, business and life go together.

Your approach has to be holistic. And you need to OBSESS over HEALTH.

Healthy marriage. Healthy business. Healthy relationships with clients. Healthy body. Healthy marketing…

That’s my aim with this book -- to help you create a holistic wealth as an entrepreneur, through a healthy client business.

So without further preamble...

Let’s jump into the secrets that I mentioned above...

Income. Assets. Time.
Wealth Secret #1 -- Income:
Becoming Wealthy AND “Cash-Flush”
The biggest problem I see with all the coaches, consultants, and service providers we talk to... And the #1 indicator that their businesses are unhealthy is...

They have very little cash in the bank.

When you don’t have cash, you can’t have control. And when you don’t have control, you can’t have a healthy life.

Becoming “cash-flush” is vitally important to entrepreneurship.

But it’s ALSO simple.

When you have cash...
  • You can invest into improving your skill set, your marketing, and your systems for future business growth…
  • ​You can get control over your schedule by hiring out all the monotonous labor that’s burning you out.
  • ​You can say “NO” to people you don’t want to work with
  • ​And you can sustain a healthy lifestyle, with healthy relationships
It doesn’t have to be complicated.

This is a road that thousands of our clients have already paved for you.

Like Bryan and Sebastian…
Becoming cash-flush is as simple as discovering a few simple tweaks like the ones I show you in my book:
  • My top three pointers for mastering “the exchange” and turning your expertise into cash, in the most efficient way possible. Page 15.
  • ​The “healthy cocaine” addiction that became the solution to almost every problem in my life. Once I got “hooked” on this exhilarating process, the game changed. I quit my corporate job in four months, enjoyed my first six-figure month in less than a year, and it’s not slowing down. But here’s why you have the ADVANTAGE. Page 14.
  • Money is plentiful and it’s flying all around you, and most experts swing a net around trying to “catch” it. Here’s what I learned about creating real wealth from my 4-year journey from $1,700/mo to over $700,000/mo. Page 4.
  • ​Want to raise the perceived opportunity cost of not doing business with you? Here are three controversial and widely neglected elements for creating lucrative agreements in your life. Page 8.
  •  Money Follows a Code (4 Principles for Mastery). Pages 18-22.
  • ​The truth about “over-simplicity”. Here’s why 99% of experts who live and operate day-to-day in near-poverty, will stay there. Page 3.
  •  Money always comes to people of value who get RESULTS for clients, right? Wrong! Even a 100% client success rate isn’t enough. Find the answer on page 3.
  • ​It takes money to make money? Sorry. You can actually compound wealth before it’s even created, and you can at minimal risk if you leverage this advantage now instead of later. Page 28.
  • The single greatest secret for escaping the struggle of trial & error in your business, wasting your God-given bandwidth on things keep you away from your revenue goals. Page 23.
  • ​The “Law of High-Value Exchange”. Do you sell high-ticket? If so you need to understand this law. PLUS two simple reasons why most experts miss the mark. Page 19.
Wealth Secret #2 -- Assets:
The Secret to Creating LEVERAGE
When you have no assets, you have no leverage.

That means you get low quality clients, and you have to work HARD to get them…

Referrals, networking events, trial offers, discounts, giving away products...

Again, zero control.

But imagine having assets in place to do all the work FOR you, year after year, to bring in consistent, new opportunity...

… Assets like marketing systems and processes, cash in the bank, ads that work, funnels that work, a team…

And these assets continually feed your bank account, bringing you high-quality clients whenever you want them… so you don’t need to trade blood, sweat, and tears for each individual client.

THAT is the power of having assets.

And creating wealth-generating assets like the ones I just described, is easier than you think!

In fact on page 27 of my new book, I reveal a SIMPLE and effective way to produce assets almost “out of thin air” to become what I call… opportunity rich...

Just like Pete did...

A client who leveraged one simple asset (like what I teach in my book) to go from $13K a month to $77K a month, within 6 months...

But that’s not all...
  • How to create and control income-producing assets “out of thin air” and become opportunity-rich… even if you don’t have a ton of capital to utilize. Page 27.
  • ​“The Fastest Vehicle to Significant Wealth”. One of our clients asked half-jokingly, “I want a yacht. What’s the fastest way to this kind of money?” Step one takes six dense pages of insights, strategies & principles to articulate. Starts on page 16.
  •  Warren Buffett and investing wisely. Page 17.
  • ​Money loves rewarding the expert who exhibits these three traits. Hint: this is why most of our clients planned to retire, but now they just want to keep playing the game forever and ever. Page 12.
  • The quickest and easiest way to create a healthy seven-figure client business - a cash-flush wealth machine that reliably sustains and funds all future entrepreneurial investments. Page 24.
  • ​“Money talks” has a whole new meaning. If you’re a long game oriented entrepreneur and you neglect this principle, money will disrespect you, betray you and leave you for the competition. Page 21.
  • When your competition starts coming to you for consults! Here’s a hard lesson I guarantee 90% of your competition is neglecting. Page 7.
  • ​The sneaky “free money” opportunity exploited by the great business tycoons of the late 1800s early 1900s. The founding fathers of America tried to hide this but now it’s available to everyone with a bank account. And you can put it to ETHICAL use by understanding this one thing. Page 6.
  •  What IS money and where did it come from? The full story. Hint: this is why any person of value today, not just the government, can actually “create” cash. Page 5.
  • ​The little-known advantage today’s entrepreneurs have over previous generations (and no it’s not just the internet). How a $12K/mo expert can compete and win against competition with double the capital. Page 26.
  • The secret “rulebook” for becoming a Wealthy Expert™. The product of our work with 3,518 struggling experts who come in overworked, underpaid, and want to create a healthy (cash-flush) client business. Page 1.
  • ​Why are there smart people who stay poor? There are actually TWO plays inside this game of “creating” money. And the experts who stay poor are missing number two. Page 8.

Wealth Secret #3 -- Time:
How to Finally Get CONTROL
Of Your Time, Life, and Business
The primary outcome we all strive for is control.

People think they want money, “balance” or freedom. But everything, at the end of the day, is about control.

We don’t only want money… we want control over our situation and our livelihood. We don’t want balance… we want to choose for ourselves what we put all our time into.

It took years for me to get in the position where I can teach on this. Because for a long time I had no control…

My daily schedule was determined by which client screamed loudest. I felt like an “employee”. And the 70-hour work weeks made growth seem almost impossible.

The good news is...

Your journey to a more controlled life does not need to take 5 years…

Once I started learning how this game worked (from mentors / books / assets I invested in to help me grow) things changed very quickly…

And that’s exactly why I want to make this book one of the “assets” we talked about in Secret #2. You don’t have to struggle through the woods on your own.

Inside, you’ll find…
  • If I told you there’s latent wealth locked up in your market, waiting to be tapped, would you search for it? Good news: no search necessary. They key is on page 15.
  • ​The absolute worst mistake you can make as a growing entrepreneur who has vision. And how to avoid the viral “toil & struggle” so many of us go through. Page 29.
  •  Money comes slowly and painfully for the expert who focuses on this. And why client businesses who avoid this mistake almost always become flush with cash. (Why our clients see a 600 or 700 percent return on ad spend and it doesn’t even surprise them). Page 17.
  • ​For 100 years, the US economy has been on 7-9 year economic cycle, and we’re approaching year eleven of the “bull run”. Here’s how to get ahead of the game and arm yourself against the impending correction. Page 27.
  •  A tested and practical tool for learning “Charlie Munger style”; how to learn from your mistakes BEFORE you make them. And 3518 experts are already utilizing this tool. Page 15.
  • ​There are a thousand ways you can become wealthy, but the single fastest is _____. Here’s why money looks to most experts and RUNS, plus two steps for becoming a “magnet” to wealth. Page 2.
  • The secret “teleology” of wealth. What Carnegie and Rockefeller mastered about wealth and very few experts ever discover. Page 20.
  • ​How much money to you need (really)? Well, it depends. You might say “I need a lot” but there’s a caveat. If you answered “a lot”, you probably don’t have a lot. So here’s what the experts who answered “a lot” are missing. Page 10.
  • If you’re a results-oriented entrepreneur, you’re still 10 times more likely to stay broke than the expert who avoids THIS trap. Page 4.
  • ​A powerful yet scarcely used formula for calculating your required gross revenue (according to your desired lifestyle). Without this your business is like a bat with no sonar… and money will hide from you or seek out your competition instead. Page 11.
  • WARNING: Most experts never get control of their time. The harsh lessons learned on my journey from church employee to freelance copywriter, to multi-seven-figure consultant - AND from guiding more than 30 experts from five figures to multiple millions. Page 13.
  • ​The truth about BELIEF and wealth. Do you deserve it? Studies in kinesiology & formative causation show this question is vitally important to becoming wealthy. Full story on page 19.
  • BONUS: over the last several years, we’ve published a vast collection of wealth-building resources that I know will help you along your entrepreneurial journey. Here are six of our most profitable. Page 30.
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Badass Bonus #1: The “Money Relationship” Deep-Dive
There are three plays inside this game of improving your relationship with money. Many entrepreneurs try to “control” money, swinging nets around trying to catch it. But once you understand what money (really) is and the rules it follows -- you can unlock rivers of revenue that flow all around you. Here’s a brief peek inside:
  • Why money is only unimportant to broke people
  • ​Three ways to improve your relationship with money
  • ​What is money (really)
  • ​How to create lucrative agreements with more people
Badass Bonus #2: The “Risk vs Safety” Deep-Dive
I took some calls not long ago it’s come to my attention that people do not understand the idea of managing risk. They're in the game of limiting risk and avoiding risk. But no one ever got wealthy by being risk averse. So that’s what I’m showing you inside this Deep Dive:
  • My “⅘ rule” for risk management as a coach, consultant or service provider
  • ​The secret behind Zuckerberg’s $19 billion net-positive deal
  • ​The “safety” delusion and why it keeps most experts broke
  • ​3 rules for turning risk into an asset
Badass Bonus #3: The “TRUTH About ROI” Deep-Dive
You can read every book in the world. You can hire every coach. Take every course. But if you don’t know the TRUTH about ROI, there is no hope for your business...
  • The ONLY way you can guarantee a positive ROI on any investment
  • ​How to get more “juice” out of your investments
  • ​Lessons from our seven figure education budget
  • ​How to coach your own clients around ROI in a sales call
Plus One More FREE Bonus I'd Like to Add on For You
There’s one more wealth-building asset I’d like to put in your hands right now, for free.

This invite-only training was held live for 200 attendees, and it’s the most in-depth wealth training we’ve ever published, outside of our higher-level client programs.

The Invite-Only Wealth Secrets LIVE Training from March 6, 2019

You’ll enjoy 2 hours of coaching on all things cash & assets, from Chris and myself. Bring a notepad and pen because we’re going deep with you here:
  • How to create assets that unlock rivers of recurring revenue, month after month, year after year -- so you can build long-term, sustainable wealth that frees you from the day-to-day grind
  •  The little-known secret to bolstering your monthly income, even before your up your pricing and land more & better clients
  •  How to instantly start “bringing more home” without changing a thing about the mechanics of your business
  • ​Where to put your money, how much to put there, and how to easily leverage alternate wealth-generating avenues WITHOUT risking your family’s security on “options” or staying broke on “treasuries”
  •  The quickest and easiest way to become CASH-FLUSH so you can hire out all the soul-draining monotony that’s stealing your time away
This one bonus wealth training is worth 100 times what you’re investing to have this book shipped today. I have no doubt this will be the best $6.95 you’ve ever spent.

And if you feel I’m wrong about that, we are one phone call or email away.
Why Am I Giving All This Away for Free?
Until all 500 copies are gone, my Wealth Secrets book, the live training, and the bonus Deep Dive Mindset Recordings are free. All I ask is that you cover the small $6.95 shipping & printing fee.

No catch.

There is no “continuity program” hidden in the fine print, or anything like that. And no obligation to buy anything else from us, ever. Although you may want to...

My goal will this book is to create a relationship. Once you sit down to study this book, highlighter in hand, and once you listen to the audio recordings…

There is a good chance you will come back to deepen the relationship.

Many of the high-six and seven-figure clients you see on this page started with us because they got breakthrough results from an offer like this.

Regardless, you are covered no matter what. You don’t risk a penny.
Backed By The Best
Guarantee $6.95 Can Buy
It’s important to make sure you know, everything you see in my offer today is 100% backed for the next 60 days.

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If you decide I’m wrong about that, you can call or email us any time (contact information below) in the next 60 days. Even if it’s Sunday morning while I’m in church, I will get your $7 back to you immediately. No questions asked.

Obviously, you won’t need to return a thing -- not the book OR the deep dive. You keep it all, my compliments for trusting us with your time.
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But remember...
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So Claim Your Free Book Now Before They’re All Gone
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Your physical copy of my new book
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Everything you see in my offer is yours to keep, no matter what.


Taylor Welch
Co-Founder at Traffic and Funnels

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